Grow with us!

The Gallatin Valley Food Bank realizes that for hunger to end, people must feel empowered in order to achieve self-reliance.  The Food Bank also recognizes that strong partnerships within the community can help promote food security and ensure better access to nutritious, affordable food.  We also believe that as much as possible, this food should also support our local growers.

With the help of volunteers and civic groups the Food Bank is able to have our own gardens.  These gardens not only provide fresh produce for people in need, but also creates a welcoming environment to learn, explore, and share information. In other words, the Food Bank is still doing what it does best—providing food for hungry people—but with the garden it is also provides some of the tools necessary for self-reliance by promoting backyard gardening, supplementing diets with fresh produce, and promoting overall wellness.

The Food Bank will once again need help in the garden this Spring as this program continues to grow.  Please contact the Food Bank for more information on how you can help!

Interested in Planting a Row for your neighbors in need?  Contact us and learn how you can help others and enjoy your favorite activity at the same time!