Senior Nutrition Services

We believe our seniors citizens should stay active, healthy, engaged, and safe within their community as long as possible.  Good nutrition is vital to maintaining health and independence for people of all ages.  Working alongside our community partners, the Gallatin Valley Food Bank’s Senior Nutrition Services can provide and connect seniors to a broad range of supportive services that help seniors  receive nutritious foods and other services that would otherwise be unaffordable on dwindling pensions or social security payments.

Need Extra Groceries? Ask us about our Senior Grocery Program

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP), known here at the Food Bank as Senior Groceries,  provides nutritious foods to senior households with an income at or below 130% of the federal poverty threshold (example: $1,287 for a household of one and $1,736 for a household of two).  Each eligible senior is provided with extra groceries each month and includes staple food items such as canned fruit and vegetables, grains, dairy products, proteins, cereal, and juice.

The average income of seniors participating in this program is just $763.91 month. 

Call Laura at the Gallatin Valley Food Bank at 586-7600 for more information or download it here:  CSFP Elderly Application-Jan-2016

Mail completed application to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank, PO Box 1129, Bozeman MT 59771


Senior Meal Preparation Services

Making sure that our seniors eat nutritious meals that are prepared with an awareness of their dietary restrictions as well as personal preferences is a priority. Our Volunteer Senior Nutrition program matches a dependable and safe volunteer with a Senior in need of companionship along with meal planning and preparation.

Are you a Senior looking for help with meal planning, meal preparation, and companionship or a volunteer interested in spending time with Senior planning and preparing meals?  Please contact us for more information about Senior Nutrition Services: Laura at 586-7600 or Dana at 600-6269.

More Senior Nutrition Services are also available at the Bozeman Senior Center