Jill Holder, Operations Manager


I oversee and track food inventory & safety, warehouse & staff management. Food drives and some media also fall within my responsibilities.

I love being outside and seek untrammeled places.

For most of my life I have worked for organizations that utilize volunteers. Volunteers add compassion and enthusiasm and volunteering is one of the few things that we know will truly make a difference in this world. I hope to always work with volunteers.

I enjoy searching for charismatic mega-fauna in my time off.

Some people knit, I cook. It is a creative outlet with immediate gratification. Food is very important to me.

I live in a place with my husband that I dreamed about since I was 12.

Alma mater: Go Horned Frogs!

Bri Cronin, Volunteer Coordinator


My job responsibilities include overseeing the 100+, incredible weekly volunteers in addition to group service scheduling. I also manage the day-to-day operations of the store.

Recent Jobs: MSU where I co-coordinated the Can The Griz food drive with the GVFB, and wilderness therapy for troubled teens.

Favorite Food: Chips and homemade salsa.

Free time: Spent entertaining my highly intelligent, highly neurotic dog, Boaz.

Random Fact: I am obsessed with goats and chickens and cannot wait to own several of each!

Joel Tatz-Morey, Warehouse Coordinator


My primary duties at the Food Bank are maintaining and organizing the large supply of donations that we receive from various local businesses and individuals. I also coordinate with the rest of the Food Bank staff and volunteers to ensure they are able to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner.

Hobbies: Painting, folfing (frisbee golf), gardening, and hiking.

Previous work experience: Garden supply store, recycling center, produce clerk.

Education: BA in Environmental Studies with a focus on sustainable food systems, and a minor in psychology.

History: I have lived in Helena, Missoula, and Bozeman. I think each community is great and has something unique to offer!

Jon Horn, Food Rescue Coordinator


I am responsible for coordinating the perishable donation pickups from more than 20 businesses all over the valley; this includes: grocery stores; bakeries; bread, produce and dairy distributors; gas stations; restaurants; and anyone else who sells food!  Among other duties, I keep the fleet of vehicles running, deliver perishables to low-income housing around town daily, and work with family farmers to feed their animals the food that isn’t fit for our clients while reducing waste

Previous employment before the food bank: U.S. Forest Service Wilderness work in Alaska, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho

Passions: Defying gravity (with a paraglider); getting into the mountains on foot, bike, or ski; quality time with family; home brewing

Guilty pleasure: Old-fashioned glazed doughnuts from Rosauers

Favorite thing about working at the food bank: Helping to feed so many people in need while keeping millions of pounds of food out of the landfill! That, and the free doughnuts.

Laura Stonecipher, Programs Coordinator


My primary responsibilities include administering our senior grocery program (CSFP), receipting financial donations for the food bank and Community Café, and working with interns.

Favorite time of year at the food bank is November because the holiday food drive season begins and I’m always encouraged by the generosity of our community.

College: Texas A&M… yep, I’m an Aggie

Hobbies: Hiking, hanging out with friends & playing with my granddaughter

Guilty pleasure: Chocolate…milk chocolate not the healthier dark kind

Originally from Texas…one of my favorite words to use is ‘y’all”

Lyra Leigh-Nedbor, Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator


I oversee the production and distribution of Healthy KidsPacks (during the school year) and Summer Lunch (in the summer) as well as supporting food drives here at the Food Bank.  Over June, July and August we distributed more then 22,ooo Breakfast and lunches to area children through our Summer Lunch sites.

Hobbies: Getting outdoors (to ski, bike and hike), cooking, gardening, knitting and sewing.

Food: Pie!! Any flavor, but especially beebopareebop Rhubarb Pie!

From: I moved to Montana from Vermont, but grew up with 5 siblings in not-too-far Upstate New York (the Hudson Valley region).

Fun Fact: I love to knit and drink beer, come find me at a brewery and we can stitch it up together!



Mariah Smith, Administrative Officer


I process all of the intake forms for our clients, ensuring we have and accurate picture of the community we serve and how we can best meet their needs. I also help out at the front desk answering phones and helping the rest of the team with various projects.

Hobbies: Playing with my dog (Todd), gardening, crafting (DIY or die!)

Past Work: Soil-water physics researcher, community garden educator, rafting adventure consultant

Guilty Pleasure: Watching cartoons like Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and Bob’s Burgers

I’m a University of Montana Grizzly…but I’m married to a Bobcat! We are high school sweethearts that moved here from Coeur d’Alene, ID (yes, I miss the lake!)

Monica Ruiz, Services Navigator and Special Projects


I primarily help our clients navigate community resources, keep our website up-to-date and help tag team our social media networks. I also serve as co-director of Huffing for Stuffing, a Thanksgiving Day (fundraiser) run.

A Montana native (from Billings), moved to Bozeman in 2002 to attend MSU and ended up sticking around.

Hobbies: The outdoors and traveling. Some of my favorite activities include mountain biking, skiing, and camping.

Work Life: I came to the food bank as a student intern, served as a VISTA and then was hired full-time!

Food: Nothing beats homemade beans & tortillas, and New Mexican green chile.


HRDC is a 501(c)3 non-profit Community Action Agency. We provide programs and services in the areas of housing, food and nutrition, child and youth development, senior empowerment, transportation, energy assistance, and community development.